Goods insurance


INK offers you a vast range of goods insurance offers for the goods in the flats, residential houses, buildings meant for commercial or industrial activities. The risks covered are: fire, explosion, carbonization, earthquake, flood, natural phenomena (lightning, hail, storms), total or partial theft, robbery, consequences of robbery, individual and group vandalism, accidental damages produced to the goods (caused by different factors such as power fluctuations, temperature differences), breaking of fragile objects.

Good to know
We also insure the mobile electronic equipment.

Calculus examples
For all your goods (home appliances, clothes, furniture etc.) that have a value, letís say, of about 5.000 Euro, the insurance cost would be 20 - 50 Euro. If the goods have a commercial or industrial destination (merchandise stock) in value of 100.000 Euro, the insurance value is between 300 - 500 Euro.

Observation: The calculus exmples are orientative. For a detailed analysis of your situation, please address yourself to an Ink representative.

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