The best conditions for CASCO insurances

New: At INK Broker you make an insurance and you can win a MP3 Alpine player


Applicability of the CASCO insurance policy
It is the insurance of your motor vehicle (car, utility car, minibus, bus or trailer) in the event of occurrence of an unhappy event such as: collision, striking, capsizing, scratching, total theft or of some components and also the damages caused during the theft attempt (e.g. window breaking, deterioration of some components).

Premium calculation
Insured sum: 5000 Annual premium: 204 Quarterly premium: 51
Insured sum: 10000 - Annual premium: 542 - Quarterly premium: 95
Insured sum: 15000 - Annual premium: 812 - Quarterly premium: 203
Insured sum: 30000 - Annual premium: 1626 - Quarterly premium: 406.5

The contest CASCO MP3 is over
3 mp3 Alpine CDE-9845R players were won by drawing of lots by the clients that had made the CASCO insurance policy by Ink Broker until 14.04.2006. The winners are: Dan Masariu, from Bucharest, X from Y and Z from T.

If you want to participate at the future contests organized for clients by Ink Broker, we ask you to visit our site to find out the latest news. We thank you.

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